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Washing machine pump FIR 1241DX

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Washing machine pump FIR 1241DX

1.50ΗΡ 220/400V 50Hz


Technical Specifications: Inlet φ Outside 63mm Output φ Outside 54mm 2800 Motor Speed 625l / min 50Hz-4.8 / 2.8A

Suppliers ARISTARCO -424 ASCASO -H25326 COLGED-DEP231 COLGED-DPE231 COMENDA-100663 COMPOSANT DIFFUSION-CDD378 COMPOSANT DIFFUSION-HD879 ELETTROBAR-130002 EMMEPI-TR0060 EPGC-1190043 EPGC-1190352 EUNASA-14751 FIR-1241-2530 GEV-500.111 GEV-500.373 GEV-500111 GEV-500373 HOONVED-25326 IBERITAL-12859 LAMBER-0301243 LF-3122322 LGB-ZF650DX90o MACH-512007800 MACH-80001423 MEIKO-0501129 MEIKO-0501131 MEIKO-0501134 MEIKO-0501146 SILANOS-TR0060 WHIRLPOOL-483286001561

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