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Gas cooker FL24

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Gas cooker FL24


Gas ranges FL12 – FL24 – FL36 are a proposal by N.Seretidis S.A. for setting up a kitchen where there is a heavy demand but space is limited. Like the large sets of four and six rings, they also include a stainless steel frame and enamelled pan support.

The burners are high-output cast iron. The switches include a system for controlling the flame through a temperature cut-out system, which automatically interrupts the flow of gas if the burner goes out.

The FL12, FL24 and FL36 ranges guarantee safety and economical use because they are manufactured according to international specifications, using materials from the best-known factories in Europe.

Data sheet

Weight (Kg)
Dimensions (WxDxH)
LPG consumption (kg / h)
Consumption of VAT (m3 / h)
oron plate
Power (KW)
2 x 7,5

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