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Electric Knife Round GYRONAL 90

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Electric Round Knife with rotary cutting disc GYRONAL 90


Electric Knife Round GYRONAL 90

Gyronal 90 is manufactured in Germany by POLYDOR GmbH, one of the leading and most innovative companies in the world, in the grilling equipment


Rotor speed 8200rpm - Electric motor 32 / 48Volt, 90Watt

Weight 800gr - Transformer dimensions 80x160x85mm

Transformer Weight 1.75kg - Cutting Diameter 90mm

Noise Levels ≤ 80dB (A)

Powerful, versatile electric motor 8200 rpm

Silent mode. - Very light and easy to use.

Ventilated large diameter cutting disc.

Easy and fast sharpening with the sharpening included in the package. It does not need grinding.

Adjustable cutting thickness of the round.

Made of durable materials suitable for food.

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